Text and Images by Lynne Hughes-Williams

A day to reflect and celebrate what women have achieved over the last few decades, showing resilience in the face of adversity. We are where we are today, because we have had to fight hard for our rights.

Our right to be treated equal in all aspects of our lives.

Our right not to face misogyny.

Our right not to experience violence.

We have a right to walk the streets and to feel and be’ safe.

Unlike many who have lost their lives.

As women we stand ‘UNITED’. We will no longer stand back;

our feet are firmly on the ground standing strong.

We deserve to have equal rights and we will continue to fight for them.

There is still so much work to be done.

Women are not treated fairly when experiencing menopause at the workplace.

Women’s health conditions are not treated with the urgency they require and can take many years to diagnose, whilst in the interim, they suffer significant detriment to their daily lives.

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