Want a life size dinosaur? Here’s the place to get it!

Words and Images by Caitlyn Morris

Co- owner Steve with his life size safari animals

Steve and Lucy Powell inherited Life size models nearly 25 years ago from Lucy’s family. Life size models is an online business that creates realistic statue and resin figure store based in Cwm, South Wales. The because first started in their shed which called Alba Shed, formed by the initials of Anna, Lucy, Ben and Amy, it has now had a name changed and is based online only.

They create all sorts of dinosaurs, wild animals, farm yard animals, having a variety of 3000 models on their website. They make their products out of fibreglass/resin composite. They have sold to famous celebrities like Tim Burton, creating him a 7ft Oscar. They ship across all of the UK for film sets, museums, theme parks and collectors, mostly shipping to dinosaur parks like Dinosaur park Tenby and Cardiff museum and Edinburgh castle.

You can contact Lucy and Steve via their website: https://www.lifesizemodels.com or through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/albashedmodels/

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