Welsh pub goers thoughts on the Six Nations

Words and Images by Kelsey Roberts

Fans flood local pubs in Caerau, Maesteg in preparation for Wales to host Ireland in this years Six Nations competition. Wales are hoping for a win this year after being beat last year 27-9 by the Shamrocks.

GSC Top Club and the Blaenllynfi Hotel open their doors to rugby fans from all over the village to watch the first game of the competition in hopes of Wales gaining the points to put them in a good position on the table.

Patrons were asked what the Six Nations mean to them;

Liam Roberts, 23, “I’ve always watched the Six Nations since I was little. I love all sport but something about this competition and the rivalries within each team is something that I look forward to every year. The atmosphere around the rugby in Wales is something that is unmatched around the world. The rugby is something that brings the country together.”

Phoebe Trevelyan, 23, “I used to watch the football with my grandfather, but since I moved out, I’ve watched it with my boyfriend. The rugby to me means that I can enjoy a day out with my boyfriend while also watching the rugby. It’s always exciting every year for the Six Nations to come around as it brings the community together. Even if you’re not a rugby fan, you still enjoy the day as if you were.”

Paul Blower, 50, “I’ve always loved the rugby since I was a small boy. It has become one of my traditions every year to go out and enjoy the Six Nations in my local. Having a pint with the boys and watching my national team play is the most patriotic thing I can think of. I’m very proud to be Welsh. The culture we have, the songs we sing and the sport we play is unlike anything in the world. We proudly give a rendition of Calon Lân at every rugby match and if that doesn’t represent why the Six Nations is the best competition, then I don’t know what does.”

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