Bushman Survival: handcrafted hobby turned successful business

Words and Images by Caitlyn Morris

Paul Roberts, working his in workshop, photo by Caitlyn Morris

Paul Roberts is the owner of Bushman Survival based in Pontypool, South Wales. Originally based in England, Paul was in the army before he decided to move to Wales to start a new life in his 16th century farm house with his family.

Bushman Survival is a viking themed wood crafting business inspired by all things Nordic. Paul makes hand-caved axes, swords and shields in his garage at home. He started his business as a hobby during the Covid- 19 lockdown in 2020, when he started to make collections of weaponry, cutlery and jewellery for his family and friends.

Paul has grown his business world wide using Etsy and Facebook and there is now a waiting list of nine months for one of his handcrafted viking shields or pieces of armour.

You can contact Paul via his website: https://bushmansurvival.com/ or on his Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/cerishad/

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  1. So love Pauls work, i’v a wee beardy axe, then i needed a shield a buckler all made expertly to my wishes. So now i need a bigger axe!! Happily in que for Levithan axe, all the way to New Zealand. I’m very proud of my Hansum treasures 😝

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