Review: Bugsy Malone at the WMC

Swing down to the Wales Millennium Centre this week and check out BUGSY MALONE!

Splurge guns, pedal cars, and some bootlegged soda pop; Bugsy Malone is the fun, family show to see this January. Director SEAN HOLMES brings the theatrical fun you expect from this fan-favourite show.  With dazzling special effects and a memorable soundtrack, there’s something for everyone in this roaring musical. 

In case you missed out on the 1976 film of the same name, Bugsy Malone tells the story of a prohibition-style world: Mobsters, boxing rings, Hollywood dreams and custard pies. In this 1920s gangster story, the gangsters are actually children, the speakeasy serves soda pop and they fight with custard pies and splurge guns.  

We begin the tale at Fat Sam’s, a swinging speakeasy hidden in the New York City back alleys. It’s a thriving club with singers, dancers and regulars like Bugsy Malone himself (AMAT BLACKMAN, GABRIEL PAYNE and SHAUN SHARMA). 

Fat Sam (CHARLIE BURNS, ISHAM SANKOH and ALBIE SNELSON) is the booming owner and Mobster leader of the place. He and his gang are at war with Dandy Dan’s gang, one they’re sorely losing. Dandy Dan’s (KIT CRANSTON, DESMOND COLE and RAYHAAN KUFUOR-GRAY) gang have the monopoly on splurge guns, the newest deadly weapons. 
Wannabe performers flock to the bar to audition at Fat Sam’s, including the bar hand Fizzy (ELLIS SUTHERLAND, ELLIOT ARTHUR MUGUME and AIDAN OTI) who is always pushed back till tomorrow. 

A new girl in town Blousey (DELILAH BENNETT-CARDY, MIA LAKHA and AVIVE SAVANNAH WILLIAMS) wants to make it to Hollywood and when she meets Bugsy she believes that could happen. But, when she catches him with the showgirl Tallulah (FAYTH IFEL, TAZIVA-FAYE KATSANDE and JASMINE SAKIAMA), Bugsy must win Blousey back over while keeping Fat Sam happy. 

The young cast is so enjoyable to watch and absolutely excels throughout. Mia Lakha and Aidan Oti were so impressive in their amazing solo performances. Despite their smaller size, Gabriel Payne and Albie Snelson shined with their comedic timing and stage presence (despite their smaller size). 

The lighting (PHIL BATEMAN) and set design (JON BAUSOR) were phenomenal throughout, they really set the dingy yet colourful scene of this gangster classic. 

Splurge on tickets this week and you won’t regret it, this fun-for-the-whole-family spectacular. 

Bugsy Malone will run at the Wales Millennium Centre until the 21st of January. Performances will run at 7 pm each evening with a matinee on Thursday and Saturday at 2 pm. Tickets are available to purchase here

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