Olly Murs returns with his 5th studio album ‘Marry Me’

Olly Murs’ new album is similar to his earlier work and includes catchy tunes and moving lyrics which are clearly influenced by his love interest at the time in which the album was written. The generic pop anthologies produced by Murs have always been identical and included appealing vocals and captivating rhythms which have often resulted in chart-topping Singles such as Dance with Me Tonight and Troublemaker. You would assume that the new album would have a similar outcome, however, it must be said this album has not had the same hype within the charts. 

Die Of a Broken Heart was Murs’ first single since his last album came out in 2018, with Murs tweeting “2 years in the making and I ain’t gunna lie I’m proper nervous about it…”. In all honesty, he had every reason to be nervous. When released on October 7th, Olly’s single didn’t even reach the top 30, which is unsurprising due to some of the astounding tracks that have been produced by various artists this year. 

Being his seventh studio album, maybe it is time Murs’ experimented with his writing style and made the album more tasteful. There was a slight divergence from his classic style in the song I Found her which has similarities to many Classic 80s pop songs as opposed to modern pop songs. Despite this, Murs’ is an artist who is often non-diverse and shows little progression or change within his music. His lyrics are usually about his love interest in Women; either discussing his interest in a particular girl, or his heartbreak in losing a particular girl. The song I Found her does sway ever so slightly from his norm, however, if Murs wants to hit the charts once again, he needs to follow other artists footsteps and discover a new exciting style of song writing. Murs had much time off, so it is unfortunate that after his return, he still writes the same generic tunes that were produced back in 2018. 

With a similar 80s influence, Don’t Stop Dancing is an upbeat song which makes you want to get off your feet! It must be said the song has an excellent bass and strong guitar work. The lyrics are cheesy, and it is clear the only place for this song is in Popworld on a Saturday night. With lyrics “now it’s a Saturday night, I’m feelin’ alright, yeah, i’m gettin’ it right”. It is an upbeat track; however, the lyrics are very repetitive and lack complexity. This song reminds me of Shut up and Dance and is a typical cheesy club song. This is the most upbeat song on the album; however, it is nothing special and is simply just another cringey song to add to your playlist. 

Following on from precious songs on the album, I Hate You When You’re Drunk consists of the same predictable melody, with lyrics which are subpar at best. The tune of the song itself has a catchy tune, which is used to hide the sloppy and boring lyrics. The lyrics are comprehensive, however, are repetitive and dull. The song repeats itself, discussing different drunk personalities, and does not have the solid structure you’d expect in such song. This song can be compared to Ed Sheeran’s hit song Drunk, however, Sheeran’s song flows far better. It is clear that Murs’ is trying to portray himself as someone who can write about the past and create moving music, but I believe that there is something missing with Murs’ work, and that maybe it is time for him to try a different technique 

With Murs’ taking an extended period away from music, and even switching record labels, there were high expectations from fans for the new release. The 2010 chart-toppers continue to be fan favourites, with many fans having reservations that the latest release wouldn’t live up to expectations. The title track song Marry Me is in my opinion, one of the only songs on the album which is anywhere near as good as the past chart-toppers. It has the usual catchy tune, a fast tempo, and catchy lyrics. This song is easy to listen to and is generally a good song, similar to some of his past hot hits. 

The last song on the record Let Me Just Say has much more character than many songs on this album, being a soft piano ballad, which discusses a love letter. In my opinion, the song would be perfect for a first dance, with the sound of an orchestra being heard in the background. This song displays that Murs’ is able to perform vocally, despite the mediocre nature of some of his work. When you listen this track, you can expect to feel warm inside as this song brings the album to an end in a pleasant manner. 

Whilst Olly Murs’ album is fine and has some great tunes, it lacks flavour and includes tracks that don’t catch your attention. Even with his charming looks and humourous personality, often displayed by him online, the lyrics don’t portray his talent and are mediocre at best. It’s safe to say these lyrics won’t bring any new fans to Murs’ Base. Olly has strong vocals and if he mixed up his style a little, he could create a masterpiece. it’s disappointing that yet again, he has produced something tasteless and non-memorable.

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