The Lion the B*tch and the Wardrobe offers a flirty, fun, festive alternative to those family pantos across the country. This cabaret delight is filled with burlesque, belly dancing, acrobatics, drag and all-around amazing talent that will leave you waiting for next year. 

The show is a (sort-of) retelling of CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, except with much more glitz, glam and adult humour. We are guided around Narina by POLLY AMOROUS, the one true B*tch, as she takes the part of all the children (and much to her dismay, not the Ice Queen). 

Along with her juggling pianist (FELIX SÜRBE), she meets an acrobatic, yet raunchy, faun (ERIC MCGILL), a couple of Beavers (RAHIM EL HABACHI and ASHA JANE), a wicked wolf inquisitor (FOO FOO LABELLE) and, of course, the evil queen herself (BUNMI ODUMOSU). 

The whole cast was wonderful, with each acting having an amazingly different stage presence that all fitted wonderfully weirdly together.

Without giving too much away, there were some breathtaking performances that will literally have you holding your breath, familiar songs sung by some amazing voices and routines that will have you screaming!

It’s definetly a show that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, so grab your friends or family and get ready for a fabulous night down the Bay!

Obviously, with the new Cabaret theatre still under construction, this year’s show takes place in the Weston Studio which makes it a perfectly intimate space (perfect for all that audience participation!). The show’s creative team were truly talented because they utilised the space with detailed decorations and set (CORY SHIP) and lighting design (SHERRY COENEN). Director DUNCAN HALLIS has created a show that is so enjoyable for everyone in the space to see. 

Of course, no show like this could go ahead with some great costumes (PETROS KOURTELLARI) which were a sight to see. 

Step out of the wardrobe and get on down to the Bay for a hilarious and dazzling night out. Tickets are selling out very fast but, if you can’t get your hands on tickets, don’t worry! This festive anti-panto is sure to continue next year in the WMCs new Cabaret theatre, so stay tuned for when tickets go on sale in 2023. Get your tickets and find out more about the show here.

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