‘This is our space to be creative’ – USW’s student radio station ‘Tequila Radio’ has launched  

By Jorja Kyei

Tequila Radio is preparing to launch live shows towards the end of January, focusing on podcasts and social media content until then.   

Former Nigerian radio host Dooake Sonrandein co-founded the radio station with other students.  

Ake presenting at the ‘I Belong’ event Tequila Radio hosted in September

Ake believes that aren’t enough opportunities to encourage students to be themselves and express what makes them unique at university. When he first arrived in Wales, he struggled to find his place. He enrolled as the Black Student Officer at the student union and spoke to his colleagues about a creative way for students to feel connected.  

During his time as BSO, Ake understood that he was not the only one who felt alone. ‘Students are going through a lot. I know that international students especially don’t feel represented. You need courage and strength to fight that.’ 

Ake suggested that he does not want the show to feel ‘too English, too Welsh, or too African’, but an inclusive, diverse representation of all cultures – ‘I want the radio to be a safe space.’ 

‘I knew that many students were struggling with feeling alone and wanted to find something to help tackle that, something to bring togetherness and inclusion.’  

USW lecturer and radio producer Steve Johnson devised the name ‘Tequila Radio’ and the group loved it – ‘It felt new and exciting’. 

Although the radio is going to revolve around the students at the university, it is available to stream from all digital platforms including Apple Music, Soundcloud and Spotify. They have already released two podcasts dedicated to various conversations regarding the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Other themes will include pop and urban culture, relationships, news programmes, music and mental health to name a few.  

 Check out the first podcasts here – 

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