Review: Death Drop 2: Back in the Habit at the New Theatre, Cardiff

By Ellie Spark

‘A hilarious thriller, with scenes from IT and scream and everything in-between.’

We saw yellow coats, red balloons and ‘It’s Johnny!’ echoed through New Theatre Cardiff, as the audience didn’t know whether to laugh, scream or cry…

This comedic thriller written by Rob Evans and directed by Jesse Jones stars legendary drag queens and stars of RuPaul’s Drag race. But this performance is a little different to what you’ve previously seen on television… Let me set the scene.

Sister Mary Berry (Cheryl Hole), Sister Maria JulieAndrews (River Medway), Sis Titis (William) are all nuns in Mother Superior’s (Victoria Scone) Convent of St. Babs. The sisters have a strong bond, who work well together, both on stage and in the show. (Although, I’m not sure Sis Titis will agree with the amount of witty and savage comments… but like they say: “everyone is welcome here at St. Babs”

So, all is well and good, you thought. Until… Father Alfie Romeo (Louis Cyfer) pays the sisters a little visit. Coming as a surprise the sisters aren’t sure how to react, with Sister Mary Berry taking a liking, she takes him to his room.

This is one of my favourite scenes as the stage props, sound and lightening is used wonderfully and the amount of ‘stairs’ they had to walk down and the ‘long corridors’ they had to walk up looks almost realistic… A meal brings the cast all together and they are sat centre stage, as they engage with the audience throwing out funny and relevant jokes that will leave you in stiches. This was an aspect of the show I really enjoyed and think it was really well written.

As the audience were always included and they used specific jokes that Cardiff would find hilarious. Or daring… as they joked about the 0-3 defeat, just minutes after halftime. Another thing I really enjoyed was, how each sister had a different personality which shone through each scene, which gave a refreshing touch to the performance. From here onwards the thrill seeps out as things become more and more unusual and brilliantly, bizarre. As the audience is captivated by what the weird, wonderful cast has planned next.

Without giving too much away just know there is iconic lines, people doing lines, a couple deaths, a of course a death drop. With a little ‘distraction’ created by Sis Titis which is unpredictable but certainly not unwanted as the sister had the audience in awe. So, the mix from thriller, to singer, to a nun sister, the audience is in for surprises, shocks and sinister scenes. Which I 100% recommend watching.

Tickets are 16+, £18-£40 and this cast is in Cardiff from Tuesday 29th to Saturday 3rd of December. Don’t miss out! You can purchase tickets and find out more information here.

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