To YYFM and beyond…

By Cassie Moreland

Welcome to the world of YYFM. We provide an on demand listening experience for patients at Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr and other listeners further afield.

Ysbyty Ystrad FM came to life when Steven Davies of YYF got in touch with USW’s very own Steve Johnson and asked if we’d all do our bit to help the patients out. What started as an idea in 2021 is now winning us awards, getting us recognition in Wales and West’s very first newsletter and has even led to us creating our own!

Here’s what YYFM has to offer: interviews with local celebrities, short stories and poems, films, classic movie and book reviews, content with local schools and theatre companies, all types of music.

We also love to interact on Twitter and Instagram. At YYFM, we’re all one big family and we’re getting more and more impressive…

The crazy thing about YYFM is that everything comes to life from my iPhone and pupils and our contacts imaginations. There’s nothing too simple or outrageous – we love nothing more than to keep listeners busy with as much content as possible, whether music, film, sports, lifestyle or community based.

At the moment we’re running two exciting series! One with pupils at Llanchaeach Primary School and another with a Gloucester theatre company – Blue Frog. Cyber Heroes, developed by Thales has gone down a treat with listeners of
YYFM as the year 5 and 6 pupils deliver tips and tricks for older and younger generations to stay safe online. This four-part series can be watched in video form and listened to on our website.

Bread and Butter has been such an entertaining project to be apart with, with the most amazing voice actors delivering such an exciting story.
YYFM is made for the people. We get chatting about the topics that matter most, whether it’s men’s mental health, grief, menopause, arthritis or anything in between, there’s nothing more important to us than ensuring these
important conversations are had and shared on our platform.

YYFM is such an exciting and rewarding platform to be apart of. Not only have I built a HUGE portfolio up with the tons of experience I’ve gained, but I’ve met so many interesting figures all around the South Wales region who’ll become
invaluable to me when I leave university and embark into the world of work. It’s something that I’ll be forever proud to be a part of.

Our next exciting mission is ‘Operation Christmas’ where we are currently rounding up several authors and book production companies to help us donate books to the children’s ward at YYF, just in time for Christmas. If you
want to be a part of it please send us a message on socials or via email to get involved.

This is a non profit, volunteer-based organisation, but I feel like the richest person in the world getting to spread so much positivity into the community and give back to older generations. Not only do I get to use my experience
elsewhere, when I leave uni, but I’ll have friends for life. Whether it’s a fellow uni student, Steve the lecturer, Steven at ABUHB or Diana the retired writer of Tales Around The Teapot; we’re all family, and we’d love to add a few new

Find us on Instagram and Twitter at @itsyyfm, Facebook is Ysbyty Ystrad FM,
and our email is contact.yyfm@gmail.com!

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