The Cardiff Field of Remembrance is now open to the public

By Jorja Kyei

 The Cardiff Field of Remembrance, located at Cardiff Castle, was opened to the public today. Around two hundred people came to pay their respects to those that passed both some time ago and more recently. 

Tracy Jones attended in remembrance of her grandfather who died in the Second World War. She explained that her “brother has been in the army and [her] nephew is in the RAF, so we’re a military family.” 

Crosses embellished with poppies were placed in the field to memorialize the fallen. Thomas Pugh, a member of the Newport Royal Navy Cadets, says he and his colleagues placed the poppies in the field. 

“We’re here today to celebrate Remembrance Day. Yesterday we planted all these poppies as a college for the Royal British Legion.” 

Thomas believes that Remembrance Day is important and believes we should celebrate it every year: “It’s very important because it reflects what has happened in the past. We need to remember those who gave their lives for our today” 

The Royal British Legion were in attendance and led the procession. The Royal Welsh Fusiliers’ music accompanied the solemn atmosphere throughout the rainy morning. Respected members of the military services alongside Members of the Senedd then followed, including First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford.  

The First Minister placed a Remembrance Cross in the field and paid his respects. He also read the welcoming prayer, The Exhortation, in Welsh.  

The Field will be open from 9am – 5pm until Thursday 17th November, providing the people of Cardiff with a space to reflect.  

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