Remembering the fallen at Cardiff Castle’s Memorial Garden

Wales' National Field of Remembrance opens at Cardiff Castle - BBC News

Members of the general public and war veterans came to Cardiff Castle’s remembrance garden to pay their respects to those who have tragically lost their lives at war.

A day of reflection was made ever more poignant by the rainy weather mirroring the overall sombre mood of the event.

It was not just veterans and the general public that were involved in the reflections of the day, with First Minister Mark Drakeford and British Royal Legion Head of Public Affairs John Williams making appearances during the morning service.

When asked about the importance of the memorial service, Williams stated ‘these days are always really special and it means so much when people come out and support these kind of events.

‘The Armed Forces community give so much for us, so it’s nice that we can show our respect to them in that way’.

A number of war veterans also came to pay their respects for their fallen comrades, wearing their medal’s of honour with pride to reflect on the hardships they would’ve faced on the front-line.

Korean war veteran Geoff Nash retired from being a flag-bearer this year due to ill-health but still made an appearance in his military uniform.

Nash said ‘I’m here today to remember all the fallen men and women that gave their lives so that we can live a peaceful one…it’s just a mark of remembrance and showing respect for the people that have fallen’.

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