What would Marx say?

‘It’s important we look for an alternative solution’

By Jorja Kyei

Cardiff University’s Marxist Society were raising awareness at their weekly street stall by the Woodville today.

The stall is one of many that the society have set up in and around Cardiff. The group have held many events focusing on the crisis of capitalism and Marxist education.

The literature that can be found on the stall today includes the Marxist approach to the woman’s struggle, climate change, economics, the fight against racism and more.

Karl Lonsdale, a member of the society, explained that he believes that students and workers alike should join together to ‘overthrow capitalism.’

‘Workers and students alike – they all feel the pressure of this. We have found that the best way to fight this thing is on a class basis we are here today building that organisation.’

He continued by addressing the recent events in Downing Street and highlighting the immediate need for change. He believes that the crisis in the Tory party is a reflection of the capitalist system.

‘Liz Truss and formerly Kwasi Kwarteng are representatives of the ruling class. They represent the impass that capitalism has reached. It’s unable to get itself out of this crisis that itself has caused over the previous decades.’

Karl pointed out that he and his society don’t believe the answer for societal change is a nicer representative or a capitalist version of a democracy, ‘we need to fight for a complete change in our society on a socialist, revolutionary basis. We need to transform society so it’s not longer run for profit, but run on the basis of need – and we can only do that if we overthrow capitalism.’

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