David Tennant and Catherine Tate spotted in Cardiff as Doctor Who begins production once again

By Ashley Jones

David Tennant and Catherine Tate return to Cardiff as they’ve been seen filming scenes for the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special.

Tennant previously played the role of the 10th Doctor in the hit show over the course of five years, with Tate, playing alongside him as Donna Noble, who joined the cast in 2006.

For the past week, Axminster Road, a quiet and unassuming street in Cardiff, has been closed off whilst filming for the show took place.

Residents have reportedly received letters from Bad Wolf Studios, a Cardiff Bay based production company, regarding the filming. However, the letters did not include specifics and failed to mention the title of the show being filmed.

Ray Farley, a resident living on Axminster Road said: “Initially we weren’t told it was Doctor Who, just a flagship BBC program. It was only when we had meetings with the location and production crew that they confirmed it was Doctor Who.”

After confirmation that Doctor Who was the show being filmed, news of the production spread online. This caused fans to gather on the outskirts of the street in hopes of seeing the actors as they patiently waited at either end of the road to watch them shoot their scenes.

Alongside the actors, people also witnessed multiple large props being taken onto set, including vehicles and weapons that were easily recognised by fans.

Now that Doctor Who has finished filming in Cardiff, there are rumours that they will be filming in Bristol over the coming weeks.

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