Driving lesson delays leave would-be drivers with long waits!

People are waiting months for driving lessons after their theory tests expire. The long lists of prospective learners mean people are paying over the odds for intensive courses in order to pass before their theory runs out.

Drivers must pass their theory test before booking the practical but the certification only lasts two years. This timeline means without extension those who have passed before the first lockdown will now have to retake.

When questioned about the possibility of extending the theory test certificate to accommodate those who’s have e

“The maximum duration of two years between passing the theory test and practical test is in place for road safety reasons and the Government has no current plans to lay legislation to extend it.”

Matt Palit,23, a marine apprentice from Cardiff passed his theory test before lockdown which has since expired, meaning he’ll need to pay to retake it.

“I’d forgotten about the theory, once it expired I realized there was no point in doing driving lessons until I’d done my theory again.”


Driving lesson prices have gone up 9% in the last two years with 40% of instructors charging over the odds, according to insurance company Marmalade. Inquiries are also up 227%.


The average wait time for tests is

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