The three councillors

By Ellie Spark

Cardiff Council elections came to an end on Thursday the 5th of May. These happen every five years and this year we saw newbies take the stand, with some of the more experienced, being voted again as well. 

Labour councillor, Sara Elisabeth Robinson, is one of the newbies. She was elected for Grangetown and has big plans for the town. She said, ‘I am absolutely delighted to have won! And I am looking forward to engaging with as many people in the community as possible.’ Sara’s aim is to tackle issues such as, cleaning up the streets, preventing climate change, and creating more opportunity for young people. ‘My team have worked so hard to get here and so we can’t wait to continue working as for the community.’ 

Ali Ahmed was Cathay’s most voted candidate this year. Applying for the position previously before, he has been successful each time. He said, ‘I was not surprised about the win’. So, what does he want to bring to Cathays? His plan is to bring brand new high schools and primary schools to the area. This will bring community to Cardiff as it will allow students from as young as five, all the way to sixteen to come together. And other aims include a better parking system and cycle lanes. He says, ‘labour has a promising future.’ 

Iona Gordon was elected Riverside councillor in 2012 and with 10 years of experience under her sleeve, she has some advice for the new councillors…She said: ‘You need to find ways to connect with your community and do this by connecting with your communities, activities or people.’ Whether this is sports, art or a means of online, she really encourages making sure everyone is involved, making an extra effort with those who are underrepresented within society.

Iona is retired now but said being a councillor was a duty and privilege. She is excited to see the communities come together, as she said: ‘Cardiff Council are always trying their best.’ and ‘she has seen ‘positive changes’ over the years. 

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