Senedd members have concerns over hospital waiting times

By Holly Briant

During Wednesday’s plenary, Senedd members questioned Health minister, Eluned Morgan over the long waiting times people in Wales are currently facing for hospital treatments.

In the first half of the plenary the minister faced questions surrounding the current situation in health and social care.

MS Laura Anne Jones questioned Mrs Morgan about the waiting times for treatment in Grange University Hospital as she described the scenes that one of her constituents saw whilst waiting for treatment.

MS Laura Anne Jones in the plenary on Wednesday

The health minister said: “The ONS [Office of National Statistics] figures shows that one in 25 people still have COVID or are suffering and that effects the staff working in those departments.

“That explains to some extent why the pressure is so great because we are still living with COVID.”

The Welsh government announced their recovery plan for hospital waiting times last month.

The government’s aim is to cut waiting times down to a year by 2025.

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