Exhibit gives insight to the joy that comes later on in life

By Ffion Harris

A photo exhibition created by the Welsh charity, Age Cymru has been set up at the Senedd.

The “This is older” exhibition was created to bring attention to older people and to try and break down the negative stereotypes that the media often portrays against them.

Age Cymru partnered up with photographer Jon Pountney and the National Library of Wales to create the exhibition which is being shown between the 23rd of April and the 25th of May.

The exhibition in the Senedd- Photo by Jon Pountney

Kelly Barr, who is an representative for Age Cymru, said: “I hope these joyful and striking images help to show that older age in Wales is as vibrant as it is diverse.

“The project came about because we noticed far too many dehumanizing images of old people in the media — quite often wrinkled hands and walking sticks.

“We knew that those images don’t represent the wide range of older people that we work with on a daily basis.”

The exhibition includes various photos of the thirteen models aged between 65 and 85, doing their favourite activities and passions.

She added: “Patrick, one of the models, is 85 and lives in Camarthenshire.

“He is a sheep farmer and during the photoshoot he walked up the mountain and the photographer had trouble keeping up with him!

Patrick, 85, on his farm -Photo by Jon Pountney

“He wants to continue working on his farm in ten years time-even if he needs a little bit of help.”

The exhibition is free of charge and is open for everyone to visit on weekdays between 9am-4pm and on weekends 10.30am-4pm.

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