Don’t Fear The Reaper! Join Him For A Bite!

Reaper Cardiff have set their roots in Canton as Wales’ first hot sauce bar opens it’s doors.

By Danni Graham

Reaper Cardiff HQ – Unit 6 Paper Mill Rd, Cardiff CF11 8DH

What began as a couple of young men with a love for spice and all things vegan friendly, quickly grew into what is now today known as Reaper Cardiff. Having gone from a small, pop-up business selling ‘elements’ (hot sauce) and ‘bone dust’ (seasoning) to completing deliveries of their product nationwide, selling merch and subscriptions to customers.

Reaper has now opened it’s doors to it’s newest venture, thanks to managing director Johnny Paget, and head chef Jake Holcombe. In the last few months alone Reaper have successfully visited several different venues and markets as pop ups, and are now branching out into their own bar, serving a variety of meat and vegan based products. Certainly a significant jump from sending bottles of homemade hot sauce to friends and family, where Reaper found its beginnings.

In just over a month, thanks to the hard working pair, Reaper went from a pop-up stall, in the likes of Sticky Fingers and Bub’s Cardiff, to kicking off it’s own opening day on 28th April. In what was described as ‘a mad dash’ the two men got to work as soon as the key was handed to them, and have created an effortlessly simple but uniquely alternative bar, complete with food, drinks and all their products.

The business began in 2020, with a dream to give serve Cardiff tasty, flavorful, and vegan friendly products with a kick. The two young men from Cardiff started with a passion for spice and flavor, having both grown up in households surrounded by such. Having known each other since the age of 16 meant that the collaboration has gone from strength to strength with the help of a shared love and belief in their product.

“Vegan food doesn’t have to be bland, and spice doesn’t have to just be hot.” Laughed Reaper’s head chef. The ever-increasing range of sauces boasts flavours for those who like it hot, as well as those who may prefer a touch of spice.

Hot sauce isn’t the only thing on the menu at Reaper

It doesn’t take much to see how far the business has come in the last couple of years, in the last few months alone Reaper have successfully visited several different venues and markets as pop ups, and are now branching out into their own bar, serving a variety of meat and vegan based products.

The quirky names on their menu stand out in a crowd ‘The Trailer Trash’ and ‘Bastard Hot Sauce’ and are eye-catching amongst a field of larger businesses. Reaper keep to a “no secrets, no smoke and mirrors” policy to all their food, stressing that their passion and good ingredients are more than enough.

“We have a passion for food and want to share that with whoever we can, that’s the dream.”

Social Eats, Sticky Fingers and Bub’s Cardiff are some of the amazing collaborations that this small business has had in the recent months, partnering up to create dishes full of flavor and a dining experience to remember. It’s clear to see when you walk into Reaper Cardiff, the atmosphere is light and bubbly, and the love that goes into the details of the food they create shines through. The opening night was filled with laughter, a love of good food and a sense of what’s to come.

All their sauces and spices are 100% vegan friendly, however their mix and match chicken wings are also available for those looking for something with more meat. Looking to the future, it’s clear to see there’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to what’s next. Alongside hot sauces, seasonings and drinks, the boys are also looking to sell the Reaper merchandise at the bar. With edgy designs and a beautifully done logo, it’s clear to see why these guys stand out in a crowd.

Reaper continue to branch out as their list of products grows

Extremely modest and knowledgeable, it’s clear to see these gentlemen know what they’re doing when it comes to cooking meats as well as veggies.

“All it takes is good ingredients, the confidence to accept that everything has its time and place, and that cheap cheese in a burger can’t be beaten”

The pair have always believed in their unique products, as well as their straight-forward approach to what began as a simplistic idea to share with Wales their love of spice and all things alternative. The dream was bound to come to fruition through the determination of both men, even through the pandemic. The future looks bright for Reaper, With their signature double-skull logo and gothic merchandise, it’s easy to see why people can’t get enough of the food, or the company.

Reaper Cardiff have also continued their business on Deliveroo, delivering the finest BBQ no-fuss food to Cardiff, at the following times;

  • Thursday 6 – 9
  • Friday 6 – 9
  • Saturday 12 – 9
  • Sunday 12 – 4

Check out https://www.instagram.com/reapercardiff/ for further details of upcoming events, fan favourites and future surprises.

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