Residents in Gabalfa, Cardiff demand improvements to their roads

People living in Gabalfa in Cardiff have launched a petition calling for roads in the area to be repaired.

Residents say they’ve been campaigning for years, with a similar petitions as far back as 2016.

They say the worst affected roads are Mynachdy Road, Western Avenue, Summerfield Avenue and Whitchurch Road. It’s claimed a lack of repairs has resulted in some cases of flooding and overgrowth of weeds.

“I have requested three times for them to come and unblock the drain outside of my property, and nothing.” complained Nesta Casetta-Wyer.

Another, Lauren Green, said, ” The paving slabs outside my house rise, resulting in my daughter having a fall and damage to her face. I have reported it several times and been told they are going to come and sort it out and that was back in August and I’m still waiting.”

One resident even said that they frequently use the roads to walk instead of the pavements.

The Liberal Democrat councillors for Galbalfa, Rhys Taylor and Ashley Wood, have both been adamant that the fixture is essential as soon as possible, having received numerous local complaints.

Councillor Rhys Taylor said: “Our view is that there needs to be a stronger focus on walking, which would mean a better-funded programme of ensuring that our communities are safe and pleasant places to walk around. Most of the work we see is in response to complaints and is often poor patchwork, rather than a set programme of resurfacing.

“We also want to see more continuous pavements to give priority to pedestrians, more crossings on busy roads, and specifically in Gabalfa investment in underpasses and the interchange”

A Cardiff Council spokesman said: “In the UK, there is a national backlog of road repairs in the region of £12bn. The Council inspects the highway network in line with all legislation as per the National Highways Act 1980. Pot holes are repaired temporarily until a long term solution can be provided – which requires more extensive patching or resurfacing of the road.
The council uses the resources available to best effect by carrying out a variety of road works across the highway network including reconstruction, re-surfacing, surface patching and treatments as well as temporary repairs to potholes.
Legitimate compensations claims are settled by the local authority. Any claims which are deemed to be fraudulent are investigated with a view of taking the matter to court.”

As of now, the petition has been signed by seventy-one people.

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