The Suicide of Former Miss USA 

Asia Jamil

Montage of Images by Ben Blennerhassett and Samuel Branch

Cheslie Kryst Miss USA 2019, attorney, TV star and an inspiring black woman has died at the age of 30 and has been confirmed by her family. 

According to local police she died after jumping from a building in New York City. The City Medical Examiner has confirmed to the media that Kryst died by suicide.

Cheslie Kryst had fame, wealth, beauty and a luxurious lifestyle, despite all such things-the suicide of the world’s celebrity to psychologists is a call towards recognition and acceptance of the dire need of mental well-being for humans just as the physical health.  

Talking to the DIFFDAFF a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Speech Therapist with more than 11 years of experience in the field Miss Anila Khan from Pakistan shared, “According to news Kryst in past had many times talked about mental health and had even shared with media that she herself had been benefited from the counselling services. This certainly indicates to me that she might have been fighting some type of depression in her life.” 

She further added, “Mental well-being is equally important as physical well-being and depression is a form of mental disorder that makes one feel blue; it feels like one is drowning in a deep ditch and is going deeper into it with time. Life is surrounded by guilt and the responsibility for the wrongs in ones or someone’s else life. Depression is real and it makes one helpless, hopeless, and negative towards themselves and others around.’’ 

She also said, “Depression is not limited to a certain age or gender; however, I believe women are mostly into it due to societal and cultural pressures, but the unfortunate thing is people with depression are neither getting right help, nor the world is acceptable towards mental-illness.” 

Miss Anila has also worked as Research Assistant at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada with focus on Teenage and Risk-taking behaviors in Teenage. She said,” Based on experience from my above work, I have found out that depression can hit us any time in life. Sometimes our bottled-up feelings of childhood or teenage due to many factors in which Negligence is the one less worked on; such feelings can come out in its ugliest form in later life as in the cases of the apparent suicides of many celebrities from Shushant Singh Rajput of India to the unfortunate loss of Kryst.” 

Moreover, talking about Covid-19 and its impact on life, she said, “I believe Covid-19 has increased the level of anxiety and depression in people. One of the main reasons is the living trauma. People have seen deaths, the situation of helplessness, the loss of jobs, economic pressure, lack of medication during the state of medical emergency-such states trigger the hidden and lay-down tendencies in humans as whole.” 

“The lock-downs with its restrictions of social interactions have increased the chances of loneliness. Loneliness and self-isolation are states where one does not find a supportive shoulder to lean on. The alarming stage is when individuals discover that their family is not taking them serious, friends are questioning the authentication of the thoughts and patterns. It is the time to find oneself surrounded by vicious cycle of negativity, worthlessness, feelings of not being enough, harmful thoughts and poor self-image. The person starts seeing clouds of confusion and the fog leads to self-harm and self-injurious behavior, and the person gets on the edge of suicidal ideation.” she added.  

If you or anyone you know who is struggling with stress, anxiety or depression, please be informed that the University of South Wales provides Mental Health Services through  Wellbeing Advice Appointment. An Emergency support can also be accessed at a 24 hours phone service available every day of the year. The number is 116 123. For further details on mental well-being support in Wales please visit:

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