Corp Market vendors left “devastated” after vandalism

By Kate Bryony

An independent market in Canton has been vandalised, leaving retailers upset and frustrated.  

Corp Market in Canton had its windows and one of its doors smashed on Thursday the 27th January 2022.

Binki Rees (COR) is the proprietor of Little Green Stores, a sustainable refillable store found in the market. She said that the experience left her “devastated” and “filled with anxiety”. 

Binki said: “It felt really personal. It’s just me working on this business and it was my door that they broke. It disrupted the whole day. The police were here in the morning and there was obviously broken glass.” 

Photo credit: Instagram @corpmarketcdf

It was a total shock to the system.”

One of the doors and two windows suffered damage. Binki said: “We’re luckily that we were able to get it sorted so quickly. We’ve had a lot of public support in general. People were quick to give their sympathy and to offer help and support and that’s been reassuring.” 

ShelfLife, a non-profit bookstore, also suffered some damage. Rosie Smith said, “It was nerve-wrecking when we first came in. I was just so thankful that nothing inside the store was taken or damaged.” 

Corp Market owners posted about the incident on Instagram, saying “What a lovely morning – Thank you to the kind person who decided to try and break in last night, we’re very greatfull (SIC) that you were so keen to visit us but unfortunately we are only open from 10am Tuesday to Sunday. Please note however – we’d rather you didn’t come back” 

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