The return of the king of rock and roll

by Gareth Rees

Elvis festival made a welcome return to Porthcawl this year as thousands gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Tribute acts and impressive outfits were the main attraction on the seafront and people from all over the country travelled to see them.

After a difficult year for so many, this was much needed. Marcia and Stephen Perkins from Bargoed have attended the festival 12 times. They said that they missed the “electric atmosphere”.

“40 thousand people usually visit this festival every year and we think that the most important thing about it is the heritage, people from mining backgrounds would visit during miners fortnight, working people could escape for an affordable holiday here. We think that it really adds to what is so special about this festival.”

The couple were wearing custom handmade jackets full of pictures and tributes to Elvis and say they return every year because of “the style, the great music and the electric atmosphere.”

The festival is typically held over two days and attracts thousands of people each year, bringing millions of pounds into the local economy. Independent businesses also welcomed the return of the festival as they are usually very successful during this period.

A local charity, Sandville Self Help Centre were raising money by taking pictures of people from all age groups in Elvis cutouts.

“Last year was a real struggle and I think this festival needed to make a return for people’s mental heath more than anything.

The work we do wouldn’t be possible without peoples donations so we come here in the hope of raising money for our vital treatments that can hopefully start up again.” Said Heather

While it may have been quieter than on other occasions, people from lots of different cultures came together for the return of a popular tradition and to celebrate one man. Thank you very much.

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