A Young Producer’s Attempts to Work in Film

By Charles Stylianou

A filmmaker from Scotland and recent graduate from the University of Salford, Jay Alexander-Ali stated that it is extremely difficult to secure a job within the film industry, by describing that “employers aren’t taking young producers seriously enough and they get away with paying only their lunch and travel.”

Once I graduated there wasn’t a certain way of getting into the industry, you’re doing all the right things in life and you’re trying to find the jobs and you’re doing free work just to build up experience and still at the end of the day it’s sometimes just relied upon who you know and not what you know

Jay Alexander-Ali
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The young producer is planning to create his own production company, “This and That Productions” after realising how hard it is to enter the workplace in film.

We came up with the idea to start our own production company to make our own work and show the world and we’re just in the baby stages of it, we have two scripts ready and we’re just waiting on a third script to be made so then we can put them together in a little trilogy piece.

Jay Alexander-Ali

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