Cardiff Residents Angry Over Delayed Bin Collections

Photo credit: Alaw John

By Gabriela Page

Residents in Cardiff have been left angered over the recent delays to their waste collection
after a new system has been introduced.

There have been several complaints about bins not being emptied on the scheduled days,
with rubbish being left on the streets for often days at a time.

Cardiff Council have enlisted the help of the Vale of Glamorgan council to help collection
efforts, as there’s currently a large backlog of waste in the city’s streets.

The new waste collection system was put in place in February 2021, with changes including
bins wouldn’t be emptied on Monday’s anymore, and instead workers would work longer
hours on Friday.

This seems to have caused disruption, as bins are being left and litter is filling up the streets,
and residents are paying for it.

Student Edward Nourse has said he’s been blamed for the state of the rubbish left outside
his house. “I had a letter from the council that contained a picture of my rubbish, saying I’ll be
receiving a fine as the rubbish was spread across the pavement in a mess.

“When I left it there on bin collection day it was not like that. It hadn’t been collected for
four days, and due to weather, the bag had torn open and spread litter around, but that
wasn’t my fault.

‘It’s not fair that the council have caused these delays and then residents are being blamed
for it”.

The representative for the Rhiwbina ward, Cllr Jayne Cowan, said that “interim measures”
need to be put in place. She said: “I am inundated with calls, emails and social media
messages from residents regarding this new scheme.

I appreciate that it takes time for a new system to bed in, but the number of problems is
totally unacceptable.

“I really feel that the cabinet member should put in place interim measures to ensure that
missed collections are handled appropriately”.

A spokesperson for Cardiff council said: ‘Unfortunately, due to Covid-related absences there
was some disruption to service, and we want to thank residents for their patience.’

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