Manifestation for life goals

Words and images by Liv Davies.

Manifestation is a spiritual self-help strategy used to bring about a personal goal by focusing one’s thoughts upon a desired outcome. Manifestation is based on the law of attraction, a principle that we attract certain energies and circumstances that are on the same frequency as our thoughts and beliefs. There are many different techniques to manifest, one of them is journaling – the belief that writing words of thanks to the universe for the thing you would like to manifest will bring them to fruition.

“I don’t really like to talk too much about some manifestations that are working because it’s kind of a rule to manifestation not to talk about it whilst you are manifesting something. Generally, when I write thanks to the universe for the wealth I have, money always seems to appear… for example, someone would buy something off my depop. It sounds mad but it actually happens!”

Liv Davies

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