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Another night of peaceful #reclaimthesestreets protest

Cardiff bay Police station, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales, March 15th 2021. Image shows 'Reclaim These Streets' protesters gathered outside cardiff bay police station protesters can be seen sat in front of police holding a sign saying "You cant stop us showing up". They gathered in protest against police brutality and violence against women after the murder of Sarah Everard by a MET police officer.

Images by Tom Davies and Hashim Al- Hashmi

Crowds gathered for another night of protesting outside of Cardiff Bay police station last night. Several issues are appearing to be protested including an to end police brutality, #reclaimthestreets in honour of Sarah Everard’s and to also protest the proposed government bill aimed at targeting people’s right to protest.

A further protest between 6-8pm in planned on Wednesday 17th March outside of Cardiff Central Police Station.

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