Lockdown Music: The two students from Barry making the most of lockdown

By Joe Strong

Dylan Hooper (left) and Kyle Bellamy (right)

Friends, Dylan Hooper (16) and Kyle Bellamy (15), are students at Whitmore High School in Barry, who share a mutual passion for music and songwriting.

The duo had shown an interest in music from a young age, and they have now channeled their talents into writing and recording songs whilst in lockdown.

Dylan’s song is called “Acquiescence”, which means to reluctantly accept something without protest.

Dylan explained: “I got the name from another song that I listened to called “the author”. One of the lyrics from the song was  ‘I have stood in acquiescence for too long in our friendship’. My song is about that sort of feeling but in a relationship.”

The likes of Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi also had a great influence on Dylan as a songwriter.

Kyle’s track is called “Downwards”, and he uploaded it to his YouTube channel after his friends encouraged him to do so.

“It’s called Downwards, and it focuses more on the downwards spiral of a relationship that isn’t working both ways”, Kyle said.

Kyle added: “I’ve always been interested in music throughout my life really. I was inspired most by the actor and singer song-writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, because I’m really interested in musical theatre.”

Dylan and Kyle began their individual musical journeys when they were young.

Dylan said: “I started playing piano when I was in year 6, so that would’ve been back in around 2015 I think. I also play a bit of the guitar as well.”

While Kyle claims: “I’ve been playing guitar for around three years now. I can play a bit of the piano and the drums too. I’m also into singing and acting on stage.”

Both songs recently received some radio exposure when their music was heard by listeners from the Vale of Glamorgan. The tracks were featured on Bro Radio as part of the USW student news programme.

But what does the future hold for these young musicians from the Vale?

Dylan explains: “I only see songwriting as a hobby to be honest. But I am really interested in becoming a film composer. Like Hans Zimmer and John Williams. Something like that.”

On the other hand, Kyle has dreams of being a performer on Broadway: “when I grow up, I’d want to be on West End or Broadway or something. That has always been my dream since I was little.”

Link to Dylan’s video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpLfgBBeHXo

Link to Kyle’s video- https://youtu.be/dFwknRiP2Ig

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