Elite increased its revenue by £90,000 thanks to the Welsh Government

By Charles Stylianou

The Welsh Government has announced a further £3m for everyday economy projects. The funding will ensure that everyone has access to basic essential goods and services, and that the people who provide them are adequately respected.

ELITE Paper Solutions, a Merthyr Tydfil-based company benefited from the fund and now employs a total of 39 employees, many of whom may otherwise have been removed from the company due to disabilities, health problems or long-term unemployment.

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“Our scanning section is a fantastic place for people who are high functioning on the autistic spectrum, due to the need for attention to detail, supporting them to develop their social skills, which may have been a barrier to employment in the past. Their development has created a tremendous team.”

ELITE CEO Andrea Wayman stated.

Last year, £4.5m was invested in a new Foundational Economy Challenge Fund. Investment by the Welsh Government enabled ELITE to win three major public sector contracts and to adapt rapidly to the evolving needs of its customers due to the pandemic, raising its sales by £90,000 in comparison to last year.

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