Covid: Photographer launches The Butterfly Effect to support the NHS

By Niamh Colclough

Photographer Conor Elliott, from Penarth, is looking to inject a fresh approach to the support for the NHS and other key workers.

Last year the rainbow proved a successful way to show support and appreciation for the NHS. Now he feels that it is as important as ever to continue that support. He is asking the community to display in their windows a new symbol; a butterfly.   

Conor chose the butterfly as he believes it to be the perfect representation of hope and prosperity as well as beauty and freedom. He is calling this new symbol and its journey “The Butterfly Effect” with hopes that re-vamped NHS symbol will have similar effects in terms of its recognition and growth. 

“This is a new opportunity for the community to show the NHS and key workers that there is still massive support for them through continuing difficult times. It is a very simple concept that can have a huge impact as we are on the final push to get back to our normal lives.”

A small section of the mosaic at Llandough hospital made up of thousands of tiny rainbows

This isn’t the first project Conor has worked on during lockdown. Last spring Conor became “accidentaly” involved in a now very important project. He began taking photographs of rainbows that were hung up in peoples windows, whilst on his walks through Penarth and Barry. He eventually turned these thousands of photographs into one big mosaic collage. He created two individual mosaics for Penarth and Barry Hospital, where they are now represented proudly. 

Conor knows how significant these small drawings and gestures can be for NHS and key workers at the moment. He said: “Even the smallest bit of recognition goes a long way.”

Conor hopes that by spreading the word he can captivate the community and get as many people involved with the ‘butterfly effect’ as possible. Asking families and children to “get painting, drawing, making, anything to be visible.”

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