National Get Out Your Guitar Day 2021

National Get Out Your Guitar Day, is celebrated every year on the 11th of February. It encourages people to learn a new skill or song on guitar, share what they have learnt to friends and family and to support local artists. Listening and playing music is one thing that makes a lot of people relax and connect with each other. It is a large part of people’s lives and every culture across the world has had their own style of guitar music.

I play guitar as it helps me to relax and really appreciate music. I am in no way a great guitarist, but I really enjoy it. It takes me away from looking at laptop and phone screens and the stress of the pandemic. I can just fully focus on playing and lose myself in the music Kira Butters (pictured)

The history of the guitar goes back as far as the 13th century, where it was found to be mentioned in some literature. The word ‘guitar’ origins in the Ancient Greek word ‘kithára’, which was used to denote a kind of harp. In the 15th century the modern guitar started to take shape, and then in the late 18th century the modern six-string classical guitar was perfected by the Spaniard Antonio de Torres Jurado. In 1894 Gibson lead the future of guitars, with durable breakthrough designs which revolutionised music-making. The guitar slowly improved from decade to decade and in 1931 the electric guitar was created, which became the go-to instrument for jazz and blues players at that time.

National Get Out Your Guitar Day is an opportunity for any level guitar players and people who have left their guitars to collect dust in their houses, to grab their guitars and play!

Words and Images by Kira Butters.

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