Bute Park’s Handlebar Barista

Handlebar Barista the mobile catering and coffee company has been awarded a contract to operate catering concessions in Bute Park, Cardiff.

They proudly call themselves Cardiff’s most eco-friendly coffee company, who will be serving up offee from a newly refurbished solar-powered tuk-tuk, or one of their vintage pedal-powered coffee trikes.

Handlebar barista will be operating seven days a week, moving between three different locations in the north of the park: Blackweir Changing Rooms, Blackweir footbridge, and a spot on the Taff Trail next to Talybont student residences.

Chris Garrett, co-owner at Handlebar Barista says: “Our eco-friendly vehicles and company ethos of sustainability fit perfectly with its wildlife and natural setting, and it’s going to be a real honour to be able to serve our customers right in the green heart of the city. We know how important Bute Park is to the people of Cardiff, and are committed to making sure that our presence here adds to everyone’s experience when they visit”.

Words and Images by Hashim Al-Hashmi

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