‘Reform needed’ within the US police force as Capitol Riots cause global outrage at police’s response to ‘domestic terrorists’

Former US lawyer Inge Hanson believes that reform is needed within the American Police force, stating that they need to change their response to crime from a ‘militarised’ approach to ‘de-escalation’ tactics.

Last week Republican supporters turned what was meant to be a ‘peaceful protest’ into what others are now calling, an act of terror. Following the November electoral results, Trump supporters took it upon themselves to riot and protest outside of the US Capitol. The protest soon became extremely aggressive with supporters breaking and entering into the building itself and causing mass violence and aggression within the Capitol. 

The riot became global news and many people began to question the police’s handling of the incident, comparing their lack of force and aggression against the Black Lives Matter protests back in 2020. Inge Hanson, who now lives in Cardiff, says the play a significant role in the violence that occurs within the US, and described some US citizens as ‘domestic terrorists.’ She spoke to Atrium News reporter Niamh Colclough.

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