Animal Welfare: Activists storm Cardiff University over animal experiments

The Animal Justice Project and members from Cardiff Vegan Action took a stand outside Cardiff’s Science Library and School of Biosciences on Monday.

They wanted to reach out to students, staff and the public, and hand out information on what happens to animals used in experiments at Cardiff University.

A Freedom of Information request by the Animal Justice Project showed that there were “tens of thousands of animals” that were tested on last year. Cardiff University called the tests ‘necessary’ but animal welfare groups attacked the experiments stating they cause ‘immense suffering’.

Animal Justice Project are calling on Cardiff University to end these “barbaric tests and experiments” and tell them their time is up on animal vivisection.

A Cardiff University spokesman told WalesOnline “All of our research involving animals is aimed at the alleviation of human and veterinary disease through the advancement of medical, dental, biological and veterinary understanding.

“Our studies are ethical, necessary and socially justified when undertaken under the strict guidelines optimising animal welfare, and using methods designed to minimise pain or suffering.”

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