Torchwood fan decorates ‘Ianto’s Shrine’ for Valentine’s Day

Carol Anne Hillman at Ianto’s shrine / Picture by Dominika Starościk

A fan of the BBC Wales Torchwood series has decorated a shrine to one of the characters for Valentine’s day.

For more than a decade, Cardiff has been the filming location for the TV series Doctor Who and its spin-off, Torchwood. 

In 2009, one of the main characters, of Torchwood – Ianto Jones – was killed by an alien. Since then, a shrine in Cardiff Bay has been dedicated to the character, with numerous messages.

Photos, drawings, flowers, poems and essays have been posted on a wall as a tribute to the fictional character.

Ianto’s shrine is a quirky place to spend a few minutes and take photos. The shrine shows the passion of the show’s fans. It is a special place where people come and pay their respects to the character.

Flowers on the shrine for Valentine’s day / Picture by Dominika Starościk

Now Carol-Anne Hillman has decorated the shrine with bright red for Valentine’s Day.

She said: “Red is Welsh, red is colour, and red is the red dragon.’’

Carol-Anne is the caretaker for the shrine and she has known the Welsh actor, Gareth David Lloyd, who played the character, Ianto for nine years. 

She said: “He is such a nice friendly person, and I loved meeting him.’’

Fans from all around the world come to look at Ianto’s shrine.

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