Remembering Bethan Amy James

The Journalism class of 2020 to Bethan James and her family.

This is a piece of writing that we never even thought we would have had to do.

Writing this, we are all still in shock that one of our own, Bethan Amy James, passed away over the weekend. This goes out to Steve, Jane, Rhys, and Bethan’s wider family and friend group.

When Bethan first switched to the BA Journalism course from Media Production, we all wanted to make sure she felt as comfortable as possible, but she fit in so well with us all and we all grew to love her extremely quickly.

The first thing we noticed about her was her constant happiness – which was infectious, and she was always the most positive person in the room. Not only that, she was always the best dressed, wearing colour consistently in a way others couldn’t. If there is one colour to describe her – pink.     A colour that will now always remind us of her.

Her confidence was always clear to see, and everything that came her way on the course she took in her stride. Her ability to change courses half way through her studies showed that she was not afraid of change, and we are so glad she decided to make that change that brought her into our lives.

Over the last year she has faced adversity and challenge. Her Gran being unwell, and being diagnosed with Crohn’s, yet despite all this, she still smiled throughout.

Her desire to spread awareness of Crohn’s was an example of how she took it in her stride, and wanted everyone who was in a similar situation to know that it was okay. This made us incredibly proud of her, especially when pitching her Crohn’s documentary idea in front of us and professionals from the media.

It was no surprise to us when we heard she was having meetings with the BBC to publish a documentary on her story.

We were so proud of her with her constant fight and willingness to spread awareness of Crohn’s, and her confidence is something that has and will continue to inspire us all.

Our hearts are hurting, and will continue to do so, as we continue to remember our friend, and a girl that will always remain with us. We love you Beth xx.

The Journalism Class of 2020.

A Birthday celebration where she sang and dance all night long…

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