Call for phone boxes used for drug-dealing to be removed from Cardiff suburb

Community leaders from Butetown in Cardiff have called for local phone boxes to be removed because they say they are being used for drug-taking and dealing.

Waseem Said, Tiger Bay ABC Boxing Club

Waseem Said, director of the Tiger Bay ABC Boxing Club, said he has seen four or five people come and use the phone boxes for drugs at the same time.

Two phone boxes in the area have now been taken away but local residents and religious leaders have said others need to go.

Logo of Tiger Bay ABC boxing club

Mr Said believes the situation has improved but more should be done.

“I think there’s a number of people giving a legit argument [to remove the other boxes] so BT will perhaps change their mind.”

He thinks the council needs to do more to help the community as there is only so much the club can do to keep local people safe.

Sheikh Mohamed Toulba, Imam, Islamic Centre, Butetown. Image by Erik Persson

Sheikh Mohamed Toulba, Imam at the local mosque, said: “I’m pleased with how our community came together, regardless of different religions and beliefs.

“We are the eyes and ears in our community and it was only right to speak up against BT’s old fashioned boxes.

Image by Erik Persson

It’s another step in the right direction towards a safer environment in our community. Butetown is not a place for drugs.”.

Tiger Bay ABC Boxing Club, which is located right next to the south Wales Islamic centre, trains around 200 boys and girls a week.

Waseem Said said: “Boxing clubs take the kids off the streets and make them do something that’s motivational.

“It gives them an education, something to do in their free time instead of being on the streets.

“In this community we do voice up when there is drug problems. For example there have been drug needles and injections left on the Butetown fields. 

“We are fighting for it, we are united against it,” he said.

The local community centre, mosque and church are collecting as many signatures in support of removing the remaning phone boxes.

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